Built for analytical teams who want controls, support, and customized workflows.

find it all in one place

Manage data and assessments together in a cohesive system of record.

report while you work

Facilitate collaboration amongst analysts with Stories.

a single open tab

Reduce workflow disruption by incorporating tools already in your analytics workbench.

no devs necessary

Enable analysts to perform powerful data exploration without developer assistance.

work with peers

Enable structured review and collaboration processes with Views and Layers.

visualize data

Provide analytical commentary on trends, timelines, scope, scale, global insights, and other data sources.

Views & Reporting

view & interact with data

View and interact with data in force graph, statistical, geographic or tabular modes.

represent any data

Represent any data and its associated relationships.


Combine data, analysis, and prose to produce insightful reporting and actionable intelligence.

export data, reports, or images

Export to CSVs and PDFs or export charts as an image.

Collaborative Analysis

view real-time changes

View changes made by teammates immediately.

add comments

Review, coordinate, and receive or give feedback to your colleagues.

query pre-existing data

Integrate your pre-existing data and query it using Synapse.

fork, share, & merge

Fork & share a view to make edits in tandem before merging views together.

choose collaborators

Designate admins who can add, remove, and manage members, settings, and enforce password complexity.

share your work

Create reports to show off your team’s work.

Administrative Controls

organizational owners

Owners have complete administrative access to your organization.

team managers

When you designate a user as a team manager in your organization, you can grant them access to manage the settings of some or all of the settings for the organization.

guest collaborators

To keep your organization data secure while allowing access to stories, you can add guests. A guest is a person who has access to one or more stories but is not explicitly a member of the organization or departmental teams, such as a consultant, C-level employee, or temporary employee.