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what is it?


Synapse is a versatile central intelligence system created to support analyst teams in every stage of the intelligence life cycle.

Freedom & Flexibility

A custom hypergraph-based model is at the heart of Synapse. This underpins Synapse’s strength in unifying fragments of information and provides unparalleled flexibility in creating structured knowledge from multiple sources. Not only can Synapse seamlessly integrate data from external databases, it can model relationships difficult to express and query in a traditional system.

A Holistic Approach

Synapse provides companies a holistic approach to their intelligence operations. It’s a real-time, people-centric, and behavioral-based system that helps you better understand who is accessing information, what they are accessing, and whenever they access it. Synapse houses your entire intelligence lifecycle from collection to analysis to reporting.

How Synapse can help your team

Rise Above the Rest



Integrate Synapse into your existing workflow.

Synapse allows easy integration to existing analytic workflows and platforms, big data solutions across all of your organization’s teams and is compatible with the continuously growing base of managed cloud services. Synapse offers a customizable solution with a single unified user management interface for data ingestion, analysis, sharing, and reporting.

The benefits of this solution are far beyond the sum of its parts – instead of inefficient and error-prone data transformation processes between the decentralized systems, the integrated approach provides a continuous and seamless fusion of the different subsystems, ultimately resulting in more relevant leads, increased detail about the topics and persons of interest and faster time to intelligence.



Organize insights into a single system of record.

Using Synapse to model your strategic assessments based on trends in tactical data allows you to build defensible recommendations that can easily be explained or clarified. Rather than having to painstakingly reconstruct your research when a clarifying question is asked in the future, Synapse allows you to decompose previous strategic assessments into tactical data to immediately provide clarity. Additionally, Synapse can provide access to original data sources.



Experience analysis as a team sport.

Synapse allows teams of all sizes to collaborate via a single integrated interface. Analysts can view and interact with data in force graph, statistical, geographic or tabular modes. In addition, they can use stories to combine data, analysis, and prose to produce insightful reporting and share actionable intelligence with other team members.



Fuse data from any source.

Synapse has been designed to be data agnostic and can ingest data from locally-hosted, cloud, or third-party systems. Using Synapse as the hub of your organizational intelligence allows you to rapidly integrate your disparate, often messy, data sources into a single system of record.

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