Support Overview

Maximize the value from your investment by enlisting the help of our team of experts.


When you work with The Vertex Project, you benefit from our decades of intelligence experience at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


We help customers achieve DevOps success through a collaborative approach. Premium Support gives you direct access to The Vertex Project engineers. Utilize our experienced DevOps engineers to quickly get up and running.

Data Modeling

Mapping the messy real world to forms and properties can be significantly more challenging than it seems. Leverage our team to accelerate your success in any knowledge domain.

Analysis Support

Start producing intelligence today with your existing data. Our team of analysts works closely with customers to streamline workflows and unleas the full power of Synapse as a central intelligence system.


In addition to self-guided resources, like our user documentation, blog, webinars, and community advice, we offer different ways for customers to learn online or with instructor-led training classes.

Introduction to Synapse

This course introduces students to the Synapse architecture, data model and analytical models, user interface, and basic Storm query language concepts.

Synapse Bootcamp

This course teaches attendees how to perform analysis and create intelligence reports using the Synapse Central Intelligence System. This course provides a balance of training in theory, technology, and hands on-experience.

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